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Veltri Reports on the Benefits of Using GPS Tracking for Fleet Management


Veltri, Inc. dedicated trucking services recently examined a Verizon survey on the subject to discover the answers. This study of over 1,100 business owners, fleet managers, and general managers revealed the details. The initial results of the survey indicate that GPS tracking provides businesses with lower costs, better productivity, and improved customer service. This makes adding GPS tracking to fleets a valuable solution for most businesses that keep and regularly use fleet vehicles. The most interesting finding from the study is that almost half of the study participants reported a noticeable return on investment within six months of implementing GPS tracking in their fleet management programs. Also of interest is that four out of five respondents to the survey, on average, reported a high level of satisfaction with their use of GPS tracking. With GPS tracking, fleet managers or others who are involved in the overseeing of the fleet can keep better track of what their drivers are doing, and adjust instructions and expectations for those drivers accordingly. Fleet management using GPS tracking is known among companies that use it as a reliable, inexpensive technology. It is currently used the most often in the utility industry. Other industries that are heavy adopters of GPS tracking technology in their fleets are:

  1. Public sector

  2. Transportation

  3. Construction

  4. Environmental

  5. General service businesses

  6. Education Most dedicated trucking companies that use this technology have been using it for three years or more with the same provider, and 30 percent of them are using this technology across their whole fleet. Further, the majority of companies using this technology are companies that operate on a local level. When companies operating on regional, state, or national levels use GPS tracking in their fleets, they tend to use it most often when a driver is taking a vehicle a particularly long distance away from company headquarters. It is a good way to keep track of where vehicles are and what the drivers are doing when they are out on their own for long periods of time.

Veltri_RoutingImage_Web Veltri Reports on the Benefits of Using GPS Tracking for Fleet Management
  1. Better routing

  2. Improved ability to serve customers

  3. Less fuel consumption

  4. Better maintenance of fleet vehicles

  5. Less labor costs for the fleet

  6. Fewer accidents among fleet vehicles and drivers When fleet managers and company management use the data provided to them by GPS tracking, they can easily see where there are areas for improvement and implement these improvements. For example, if fleet drivers have been taking routes that are not the most efficient in terms of time or fuel consumption, this will easily be seen with GPS tracking, and managers can choose better routes for their drivers. This improvement in routing saves time, which improves customer satisfaction, while making the drives shorter, which reduces fuel consumption and saves the company money. There are a variety of different GPS tracking solutions available to companies wishing to implement it and enjoy the benefits of this technology. To choose the best GPS tracking system for your company, do the following things:

  7. Research the different solutions and what they do. Different systems use different features. Some may be better for a particular company than others.

  8. Clearly identify the objectives and goals of your company's fleet management program.

  9. Choose the GPS fleet management system that best matches your company's fleet program objectives and goals. Many dedicated trucking companies are enjoying the benefits of GPS tracking for their fleet management. The survey shows the benefits are clear and real. With costs being lower than ever to obtain GPS technology, there is no time like the present to get your company on board and learn the benefits firsthand as we have seen at Veltri, Inc.


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