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Safety Measures That ALL Veltri Truck Drivers Take in Winter Weather

Safety Measures That ALL Veltri Truck Drivers Take in Winter Weather

Veltri truck drivers practice during winter weather - no exceptions.

Pre-Trip Inspection Performing a pre-trip visual inspection of the entire vehicle is always important, but it is especially so when the temperatures start getting low outside. All truck drivers should check every important item, every time - like tires and tire pressures, wiper blades, fluids, lights and more.

Always Be Prepared It is also recommended that all truck drivers - including Veltri drivers - make sure that they have ALL necessary emergency items BEFORE a trip takes place to help make sure they're prepared for anything and everything, no exceptions. In the winter these items include a coat that can adequately support temperatures both during the day or at night, a bag of sand (or salt) and extra items like washer fluids, a windshield scraper, jumper cables, traction mats and much more.

Spotting Black Ice Black ice is incredibly dangerous because it's so hard to see - however, there are certain visual cues that Veltri drivers are trained to look for that ALL truck drivers can benefit from. If ice begins to build up on the mirror arms of a truck, for example, or in small areas like antennas or even at the tops of a windshield, there is a very good chance that the conditions are similar on the road. At that point, drivers need to slow down and be aware that the conditions they face are getting worse by the minute.

Don't Be Afraid to Get Off the Road Finally, perhaps the most important safety measure that ALL truck drivers should adhere to during the winter has to do with good, old-fashioned common sense. Veltri drivers, for example, are trained to always listen to weather reports and warnings because conditions can quickly change by the minute - especially in areas like the mountains. We always want to meet our clients needs, but not at the expense of anyone's safety. Simply put, if your instincts are telling you that things are bad and that driving in ANY situation is a bad idea, don't be afraid to get off the road. At the end of the day, absolutely nothing is more important than a driver's ability to get home to his or her family after the job has been done.


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