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Paving the Way: Celebrating Trailblazing Women in Trucking

Updated: May 9

Women in Trucking Veltri, Inc.

The trucking industry has long been a male-dominated field, but that doesn't mean women haven't played a crucial role in its history and continue to shape its future. From early pioneers who defied stereotypes to modern leaders shattering glass ceilings, these women have paved the way for countless others.

Pioneering Spirits:

  • Mary Fields: Nicknamed "Stagecoach Mary," she became the first Black woman to start a public stagecoach business in the 1880s, defying racial and gender barriers. Fields was an American mail carrier who was the first Black woman to be employed as a star route postwoman in the United States. Fields had the star route contract for the delivery of U.S. mail from Cascade, Montana, to Saint Peter's Mission. A fellow U.S. mail carrier like Veltri, Inc.!

Stagecoach Mary - Mary Fields Women in Trucking
Stagecoach Mary - Photo courtesy of Google Images

  • Lillie Drennan: Starting in the 1930s, she built a trucking empire, becoming one of the first women to own and operate a major trucking company. Lillie Drennan was the first licensed female truck driver in Texas and owned the Drennan Truck Line in Hempstead for almost twenty-four years fighting inequality and unfair competition.

Lillie Drennan Trucking - Women in Trucking
Lillie Drennan - Image courtesy of Google Images

Adriesue "Bitsy" Gomez Women in Trucking
Adriesue "Bitsy" Gomez - Image courtesy of Google Images

Above are just a few examples of the many incredible women who have made their mark on the trucking industry. Their stories serve as a reminder that women can achieve anything they set their minds to, even in traditionally male-dominated fields. As we celebrate Women's History Month, let's honor these pioneers and continue to work towards a more equitable future for all in the trucking industry.

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