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Honoring Earth Day: Trucking Towards a Sustainable Future with SmartWay Transport Partnership

EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership Veltri, Inc.


At Veltri, Inc., we're committed to delivering essential goods while safeguarding our planet. Earth Day serves as an important reminder of our environmental responsibility, and we're proud to partner with the SmartWay brand to achieve a more sustainable transportation future.

The SmartWay Transport Partnership program recognizes businesses that take concrete steps to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency. By incorporating SmartWay practices into our operations, we're demonstrably lessening our environmental impact.

Here are some of the ways we're working towards a cleaner, greener tomorrow:

  • Investing in Fuel-Efficient Trucks: We're continuously upgrading our fleet with modern, fuel-efficient vehicles that meet stringent EPA standards.

  • Optimizing Routes: Utilizing advanced software allows us to plan efficient routes, reducing unnecessary miles and minimizing emissions.

  • Repurposing Resources: Since recycling tires is illegal in most states, we have our tires retreaded to utilize as much of our resources as possible to help reduce waste. 

  • Regular Maintenance: By prioritizing regular maintenance, we ensure our trucks perform optimally and reduce emissions.

Our SmartWay Transport Partnership is a testament to our dedication to environmental responsibility. We're committed to continuous improvement and believe that a sustainable future is achievable for the trucking industry.

This Earth Day, let's all recommit to protecting our planet. Together, we can make a significant difference!


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