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A Rubric For the Road


HOW VELTRI EXPECTS THE BEST FROM ITS DRIVERS The trucking industry has been busy this past year and a half—and busy is good. Nationwide volume increases have freight shipment schedules packed. This means that carrier companies can be a bit more discerning when taking on new business. And part of being discerning means asking for a higher fee from customers. That being said, we recognize how important it is to never lose sight of the fact that our customers are our partners. Even when economics force us to charge more—especially when economics force us to charge more—it’s crucial to provide these partners with the superior service they deserve. Here’s what that looks like to us at Veltri. NO ROUGH PATCHES Our living is made behind the wheel. As such, Veltri takes driving records incredibly seriously. Our customers can expect “clean” to mean spotless—no accidents, moving violations or points. In addition, Veltri drivers have met strict criteria in terms of driving experience and background checks. BY THE BOOK A truck driver not being familiar with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) rules and regulations is a bit like a practicing doctor who hasn’t attended med school. They don’t exist. Veltri drivers keep track of consecutive driving hours so they can maintain the utmost safety for themselves, customer shipments and other drivers. TICK TOCK This is pretty basic stuff, but our experienced drivers know that arriving on time isn’t an option—it’s a promise. We proudly serve the Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, metro and rural areas with twenty-four-hour dispatch and GPP equipped vehicles. KNOW THY TRUCK The road is ever changing by nature. Our drivers can rely on their trucks as a constant no matter what lies beyond the windshield. Customers can be confident that their shipments will travel safe and sound through twisty on-ramps and summer storms. Veltri drivers are also equipped to complete small fix-up jobs if a mechanical issue should arise. This means they can get back on the road—and on schedule—as soon as possible. TALK TO ME Making customers happy starts with drivers who feel supported along their journey. Sometimes federal road regulations or a slow-loading shipper may force a driver off-schedule. Veltri’s drivers remain in constant communication with home base so delivery appointments can be amended if such circumstances arise. This enables us to keep our customers in the loop as well. One of our biggest points of pride at Veltri is that many of our drivers have been with us for over six years. That speaks to a relationship with trust at its core. Everything we do from there is imbued with that trust and our business is the better for it. Have any questions about a rubric for the road? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to a Veltri representative to get them answered. We look forward to hearing from you.


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