Veltri provides your business with...

  • Dedicated regional trucking
  • Local and regional truckload services
  • Management of all aspects of hauling
  • Experienced, reliable, professional drivers
  • Competitive pricing
  • 24-hour dispatch
  • Superior in-house maintenance department
  • Administration of all aspects of D.O.T. requirements

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Veltri...Proven Trucking Solutions

Veltri Inc. Regional Trucking Company

Matt Santilla, Tony Veltri, Brian Nelson, Scott Cammarota

Outsourcing to Veltri: a cost-effective, value-added solution for your business

- Focus more time and energy on your business while we manage all aspects of hauling management - eliminating your administrative costs and headaches.

- Reduce overhead costs including insurance, payroll taxes and purchase or maintenance of new vehicles.

- Eliminate inefficiencies by taking advantage of Veltri's unsurpassed response time and large, well-maintained fleet.

Service Area


Proudly serving the following areas:

• Southeastern Pennsylvania
• New Jersey
• Delaware
• Metro and rural areas…


History of Veltri

veltri-truckVeltri, a History of High Standards and Service For over 35 years, Veltri has been entrusted by the U.S. government to transport the mail. The U.S. Postal Service requires security clearance for the delivery of sensitive materials, as well as rigorous driver background checks.